DRG inspired a record sale-to-redemption-rate for redeemers, the highest rate ever achieved by any external partner!

This campaign won the award for the Best Tourism and Leisure Campaign at the Prolific North Marketing Awards, for our Sparks (Kids wear) x Kids Pass campaign with marks and Spencer.

The award recognised the contribution of our campaign in kickstarting the UK tourism and leisure industry during an extremely troubled trading period. The campaign delivered twofold, for our partners in tourism and leisure, as well as our client Marks and Spencer.

For our partners in tourism and leisure, the campaign drove vital custom at a crucial time. For Marks and Spencer’s, the campaign provided an irresistible added value incentive for their customers.


In the summer of 2021, Marks & Spencer’s sought a powerful added-value incentive to increase registrations to their loyalty programme. Further to this, M&S tasked DRG with:

  • Overcoming price barriers
  • Uplifting in basket spend
  • Encouraging new kids-wear shoppers to choose M&S.

A key consideration for us was M&S’s diverse family audience, specifically how it is characterised by stark age differences. For example, families with toddlers have vastly different needs to families with late teens, therefore the relevancy of narrow offerings can be severely curtailed.


Our strategy was to be bold, purposefully promoting leisure and family centric offerings during at a time when UK businesses were attempting to trudge through the final few months of Covid restrictions. This was to allow M&S to differentiate itself from the competition, whilst positioning itself as a champion of families and UK tourism.

Perfectly placed to accommodate this requirement was DRG’s own discount aggregator and parent companion ‘Kids Pass’, a saving app offering families 4,000+ discounted offers nationwide, covering theme parks, zoos, cinema, staycation resorts and more.

Once launched the campaign offered all M&S shoppers a free, 3-month Kids Pass subscription on every kids-wear spend of £20+.

The promotion featured in print and press, digital adverts, whilst Direct Electronic Point Of Sale integration made the campaign available both on marksandspencer.com and in each of Marks & Spencer’s 250+ UK Clothing stores.

  1. Redemption email (surpassing the target set by M&S by over 500%)
  2. Achieved a record sale-to-redemption-rate to redeemers, (highest rate ever achieved by any external partner)
  3. Achieved a higher Net Promoter Score higher than those who hadn’t activated offer
  4. Saving Customers Money - M&S customers acquired from the campaign have already saved into the six figures on UK attractions, cinemas, and holidays via Kids Pass
  5. The campaign exceeded M&S sales & spend objectives; and massively drove revenue on qualifying products during the campaign, whilst we attained an uplift in total incremental customer spend